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All about ear wax!

Ear wax is a natural lubricant found in the ear canal which is produced by the body to protect the ear from debris. It is perfectly normal to have a small amount of wax. But many of us find that our body produces too much of it, causing hearing loss and pain in some cases. Some people may be more at risk of wax build up than others, including regular in-ear earphone users. It is estimated that 2.3 million people a year experience wax build up which requires intervention! We use microsuction for ear wax removal. 

What is Microsuction?

We know it may be tempting to reach for a cotton bud to provide some relief. We strongly discourage this as it is likely to push the wax into the ear canal further and increases your risk of infection. 

Olive oil drops may be used to soften wax and allow the wax to come out on its own, however for many people this is not sufficient. For those whose difficulties persist, microsuction is a safe and effective method of  ear wax removal. This method uses a small probe with a weak suction to slowly remove the build up of wax. Unlike water-irrigation (syringing), microsuction does not touch the ear canal and therefore is less likely to cause pain and infection. The procedure can be a little bit noisy and cause minor discomfort, but is unlikely to cause any significant pain. Microsuction is not suitable for those who have recently had an ear infection or those with any damage to the eardrum.

Ear wax removal in Brighton! 

We know that private microsuction treatment can be expensive and can have long waiting times. This is why we at Coldean Pharmacy have partnered with TympaHealth  to provide a competitive and convenient service costing just £65 for a consultation. We use the most advanced, comprehensive ear and hearing handheld device to perform microsuction.

For at least 5 days prior to your appointment, we recommend using olive oil drops to soften the wax. We advise you to purchase Earol drops which has a spray-style applicator for precise and easy use. At your consultation, one of our trained advisors will ask a couple of questions and take a quick look in each ear before starting the procedure.

If you are ready to hear clearly again then please reach out to a member our team on 01273 605657 to book an appointment.

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