Cholera Vaccine

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Cholera is a disease that leads to serious and uncontrollable watery diarrhoea. Although cholera is not found in the UK, there’s a very small chance of contracting it while travelling in some areas of the world. However, some individuals are more at risk of getting the infection. As result, we now offer a private cholera vaccine in Brighton to such persons.

You can get cholera from:

– Unclean drinking water
– Eating food (certain shellfish) that’s been in contaminated water
– Consuming food that’s been cooked by an infected individual

Cholera is mostly found in regions that do not have a supply of clean water or modern sewage system, for instance, in parts of Asia and Africa.


Cholera vaccine in Brighton

Symptoms of cholera

Cholera symptoms include;

– Excess watery diarrhoea
– Nausea
– Vomiting

Lack of immediate treatment can result in acute dehydration, dangerous salt imbalances, and shock. As a result, more than 50 per cent of those infected die within a few hours. However, with immediate and effective treatment, the mortality rate is below one per cent. On the other hand, healthy people may be asymptomatic or have mild symptoms if affected.


Cholera Prevention (Cholera Vaccine in Brighton)

You can reduce the risk of contracting cholera. This is achievable by following the correct personal hygiene and adhering to guidelines on the prevention of food and water-borne diseases.


Cholera prevention while travelling

Observing good personal hygiene can aid in the prevention of getting sick as you travel to places where cholera is found.


– Regularly wash your hands with soap and clean water, especially after visiting the toilet and before cooking food or eating
– Only drink boiled or bottled water
– Use bottled or boiled water to brush your teeth


– Do not consume uncooked fruits and vegetables (including salads)
– Avoid eating shellfish and seafood
– Avoid taking ice cream or having ice in your drinks


Cholera Vaccine in Brighton

A cholera vaccine is available to offer protection against the disease. However, since the risk to most travellers is very low, it is only suitable in the following circumstances:

– Volunteers, aid workers and medical personnel in disaster relief situations where either cholera outbreaks are likely or where care with food and water is difficult or not possible.

– Those travelling to work in high-risk areas, for example, either in slums, refugee camps or places affected by natural disasters


Cholera treatment

With the right treatment, even critically sick patients can recover. These treatments include:

Rehydration therapy

This is the primary treatment for cholera patients. It refers to the immediate restoration of lost salts and fluids.

Antibiotic treatment

It lowers fluid requirements and the duration of the disease. As a result, it is suitable for serious cholera cases.

Zinc treatment

It improves cholera symptoms in children.

At Coldean Pharmacy, our pharmacist will not only vaccinate but will also offer cholera treatment if you get the disease. Therefore, you can rely on us to protect you!