Rabies Vaccine

Get Your Rabies Vaccine in Brighton

Rabies is a serious disease that affects the nerves and the brain. Rabies transmission occurs from bites or scratches of an infected animal, mostly dogs. Although the condition can be found in different areas across the world, it is more common in Africa, Central and South America and Asia. As you plan to tour the world for either vacation or backpacking to exotic regions, get yourself a Rabies vaccine in Brighton too!

In the UK, rabies is only found in a number of wild bats. Immediately the symptoms begin showing, rabies is almost always fatal. Nevertheless, if prompt treatment is done, one can recover

A rabies vaccine is currently available for anyone at risk of contracting the infection.


Rabies vaccine in Brighton

Symptoms of the rabies infection

Symptoms normally begin to show 3 to 12 weeks after getting the infection and not seeking treatment. However, they can begin either earlier than this or later.

The first common symptoms to show include:

– A headache
– A high temperature
– Feeling sick
– Discomfort at the bite

Symptoms that show a few days later include:

– Hallucinations
– Confusion
– Muscle spasms
– Abnormal production of excess saliva
– Breathing and swallowing problems


Rabies vaccine in Brighton

Getting a rabies vaccination is critical if you plan to travel to countries where rabies is endemic. This is especially vital if you plan to stay for an extended duration or participate in activities that expose you or increase the chances of acquiring the infection.

It’s also advisable that you get the vaccination if your work puts you at risk of getting rabies. Make sure that you always take precautions to avoid contracting rabies even if you already got the vaccine.


How to avoid animal scratches or bites

Although all mammals are carriers of the infection, rabies is more common in dogs, foxes, bats, jackals, mongooses, raccoons and cats.

Animals spread rabies through bites or scratches, or in rare cases if their saliva gets into an individuals’ eyes or mouth.

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