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Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine

Japanese encephalitis is mainly caused by a viral infection and mostly affects the brain. Mosquito bites are the main means of transmission. The infection is most common in rural Pacific islands, Far East and Southeast Asia. However, it’s not common for travellers to contract it. Are you in need of the Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine in Brighton? We are now providing the vaccine.

The infection is mainly caused by a flavi virus; it affects both animals and human beings. Mosquitoes infected with the virus can then transmit it from animals to humans.


Symptoms of Japanese encephalitis

The symptoms of Japanese encephalitis are not common. If they do occur, they are usually mistaken for the flu. Seizures (fits), high temperatures (fever), trouble speaking, body tremors, paralysis or weakness of muscles, and a stiff neck are among the symptoms.


Japanese encephalitis vaccine in Brighton

How can you avoid Japanese encephalitis when travelling?

The best way to prevent Japanese encephalitis is to get vaccinated. Nonetheless, travellers should do so prior to jetting off to high-risk areas.

Travelling to rural areas, camping or hiking will put you at greater risk. You can usually obtain the vaccine on a private basis.


The high-risk countries and  Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine in Brighton.

It is common to find Japanese encephalitis across Asia and beyond. Therefore, it is advisable to get a vaccine before travelling to the countries below.

A huge number of cases are prevalent in:

– Indonesia
– Malaysia
– China
– Myanmar (Burma)
– Thailand
– the Philippines
– India
– Vietnam
– Nepal
– Cambodia
– Laos
– Sri Lanka


Japanese encephalitis vaccine in Brighton

It’s critical to get the Japanese Encephalitis vaccine if you:

– Plan to prolong your stay in high-risk regions.
– Will be travelling to a high-risk destination when it’s rainy season or in tropical climate regions where the risk is throughout the year.
– Plan to go to rural areas in a country where Japanese Encephalitis is prevalent. This can be in rice fields or marshlands.
– Engaging in activities like cycling or camping that increase the risk of infection during your stay in a high-risk country.
– Work in areas that may put you at risk of catching the virus-like in a laboratory.

To find out how to either get your Japanese encephalitis vaccine in Brighton or to book your appointment, contact Coldean Pharmacy today!