PCR Testing Day 2

Day 2 PCR Testing

Before travelling to England, the UK government has put new measures to ensure that everyone stays safe from Covid-19. Some of these measures include completing a passenger locator form 3 days prior to arriving in the UK and taking a Day 2 PCR Testing. Get in touch with Coldean Pharmacy to book your appointment for a Day 2 PCR Testing in Brighton.


If you are fully vaccinated

Before travelling to the UK, you’ll need to complete a passenger locator form 3 days before your arrival in England. You don’t need to take a Covid-19 test prior to your travel date to the UK or after arriving. You also don’t have to quarantine when you get to the UK.


Day 2 PCR Testing in Brighton

If you are not fully vaccinated (Day 2 PCR Testing in Brighton)

Prior to travelling to the UK, and you are not fully vaccinated, you must:

– Take a Covid-19 test. This is taken 2 days before your travel date.
– Book a Day 2 PCR test that will be taken after your arrival. This must be paid for in advance.
– Complete a passenger locator form.


When you arrive in the UK and are not fully vaccinated;

–  You won’t need to self-quarantine anymore when you arrive in the UK.
–  You’ll need to take the day 2 PCR test that you booked prior to your travel to the UK. This must be done before the end of day 2. It’s important to note that your arrival day is day 0.
– If your test turns out positive or unclear, you should stay at home and not come close to other people.

It’s always important to check the UK government’s website for updated information because the regulations change from time to time.

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