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Quit Smoking Your Way

We all are aware of how harmful smoking is to our health but quitting can be very difficult. With our Stop Smoking Service in Brighton, you can stop smoking easily. Even though the number of smokers in the UK is dropping faster than before and people are adapting to a more smoke-free life, there are still over 7 million smokers today.

Our Stop Smoking Service is free for most patients who don’t have to pay for their NHS prescriptions. Therefore, if you fall into this bracket, you will not have to pay any consultation fees to us and your stop smoking products (Nicotine replacement products) will be available for free as well. Our service uses a tailored one to one approach to help our patients become ‘smoke-free’.

Why is quitting smoking hard?

It’s true to say that those who are willing to quit can find it very difficult. This is mainly due to the nicotine contained in tobacco that’s very addictive hence generating cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Nicotine withdrawal is what makes it hard to quit smoking. The symptoms associated with withdrawal usually include:

– Urge to smoke
– Headaches
– Weight gain
– Insomnia
– Concentration problems
– Restlessness
– Irritability


Tips to assist you in quitting smoking

– Seek support from family and friends by requesting them to not smoke around you.
– Avoid replacing cigarettes with food – instead, you can go for a five-minute walk during your cigarette break to minimise your cravings.
– Track your progress by saving the money you would have used on cigarettes by putting it in a jar.
– Remain positive – each day that passes without you smoking is actually a good thing.
– As much as E-cigarettes may assist you in quitting smoking, they are not a risk-free option.


How our Stop Smoking Service in Brighton can help

Our not only trained but also accredited pharmacists are experts in giving stop smoking advice and can offer you counselling about quitting smoking. We can also provide you with recommended nicotine replacement products.

Some of the nicotine replacement products that we offer include chewing gum, nicotine replacement patches, nasal sprays, and inhalators. These products can help in combating withdrawal symptoms and cravings. We can tailor a personalized plan that you can adhere to over a period of 12 weeks to aid in your needs. Many of our patients have successfully stopped smoking for good after sticking to this plan.

Coldean Pharmacy is here to help you stop smoking for good.

Contact us today to enquire more about our Stop Smoking service in Brighton.