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Malaria Tablets and Repellents

Malaria is a potentially fatal parasitic infection that is spread by bites of female Anopheles mosquitoes. Malaria symptoms include vomiting, headache, muscle pain, fever, sweating and shivering. To reduce the severity of the condition, seek immediate medical attention. Protect yourself by taking Malaria tablets and repellents in Brighton and enjoy all the tropical destinations on your travel list!

Malaria is common in most tropical and subtropical regions of the world. Before visiting any country, it’s important to check if the country is at a high risk of malaria. More information is on the NHS website destination section.


Malaria prevention(using malaria tablets and repellents)

It’s necessary to avoid mosquito bites. By minimising the number of mosquito bites you lower the probability of catching the infection.

Here are several ways how you can protect yourself from catching malaria.


Mosquito tablets and repellents Brighton


Avoid mosquito bites

Mosquitoes usually spread Malaria at night. However, mosquito bites that happen during the day transmit other infections. Therefore, it’s practically important to avoid mosquito bites always.

Taking anti-malaria tablets and repellents in Brighton

Malaria prevention tablets (antimalarial) are beneficial to anyone travelling to countries that are at high risk of malaria. The tablets effectively offer protection against catching the infection as well as the development of symptoms.

Currently, there are several types of antimalarial tablets. As a result, they all differ in side effects, performance, and usage directions. Our pharmacist will discuss the pills with you to determine the ones suitable for you.

Apply or spray mosquito repellent on your skin – make sure it’s 50% DEET-based. Also, sleeping under mosquito nets treated with insecticide protects one from mosquito bites.


When should I use the anti-malarial tablets?

Start using the antimalarial tablets before travelling to your country of destination. This will enable the medication to start working earlier hence preventing the infection upon arrival.

Take the tablets as directed by either your G.P or pharmacist – missing tablets can lead to malaria infection. Do not stop taking the tablets even if you are not in a high-risk area.

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