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Are you planning to travel outside the UK for a business trip, spiritual journey, or a vacation to an exotic country? Whichever place you are heading to, Coldean Pharmacy Travel Clinic in Brighton is here to ensure that you are safe throughout your travels.

Why should you get a travel vaccination?

It’s easy to expose yourself to pathogens that you don’t have protection against during your travels. This type of protection is known as“Immunity”. The pathogens can cause diseases and infections such as Hepatitis A or Yellow Fever. Sometimes the illnesses caused by these pathogens can be dangerous and even fatal. Getting a travel vaccination or multiple of them before jetting off will allow you to develop protection against these diseases. This is vital since a number of these illnesses are most of the time life-threatening.



How do the travel vaccines work?

Travel vaccines resemble each other in terms of the way they work. Each one of them offers protection against a certain type of disease. Basically, you get an injection of a solution that works by mimicking the pathogen of the infection that invades your body. This, in turn, stimulates your immune system to release antibodies that get rid of the specific infection. So, if you expose yourself to viruses and bacteria, you have a defence system that’s ready to fight them off before they cause any harm.

It’s basically advisable to get your vaccination at least 21 days, even more depending on the type of vaccine, prior to jetting off to your destination. Early vaccination ensures that there’s enough time for your body to generate the antibodies required for optimum protection.


Coldean Pharmacy Travel Clinic in Brighton is thrilled to protect you!

We pride ourselves on having fully trained and equipped pharmacists who can administer all types of travel vaccinations as well as prescribe antimalarial medication. We also ensure that you are up-to-date with information and health advice before travelling. This will help you to have a full understanding of the risks involved.


Corporate Travel Vaccines

At Coldean Pharmacy we can set up a corporate account for companies that have employees who regularly travel abroad. Our service includes a full and comprehensive risk assessment along with the administration of travel vaccines if necessary.

A walk-in service is available, however, we often get busy at peak times and request patients book an appointment beforehand. Please inform us of the type of vaccine you need when booking.

Book your appointment online now and travel safe this season!