Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B Vaccine

Hepatitis B is an infection on the liver that results from the hepatitis B virus. However, it is easily preventable by vaccination. Visit Coldean pharmacy and get a hepatitis B vaccine in Brighton before travelling overseas.

Hepatitis B virus mostly lives in the body fluids and blood of a person who has the infection.

Hepatitis B vaccine is given on a regular basis on the NHS immunisation schedule. However, individuals with a higher risk of contracting the disease, and the complications that arise from it for example liver cirrhosis and liver cancer also get the vaccine.


Hepatitis B Vaccine in Brighton

Transmission of Hepatitis B

Hepatitis b can spread in several ways. For example:

– Mother to the child, especially in areas with lots of infection cases
– Sharing of needles and drug injection
– Practising unprotected intercourse with a sick person
– Using unsterilised tools for a tattoo, medical or dental treatment, and body piercing
– Getting a blood transfusion in areas where hepatitis B blood testing isn’t practised
– Sharing toothbrushes and razors that are contaminated with infected blood
– Exposure of either wounds or scratches to contaminated blood

However, the spread of Hepatitis B cannot occur through kissing, crockery and utensils sharing, hugging, sneezing, holding hands, and coughing.


Hepatitis B High-risk regions

Although Hepatitis B is all over the world, a high number of cases are in:

– Regions of South America
– Sub-Saharan Africa
– The Indian subcontinent
– The Middle East
– East and Southeast Asia
– The Pacific Islands
– Southern regions of eastern and central Europe

Nevertheless, in the UK, most hepatitis B cases are imported by individuals who might have been travelling to the places in the list above.


Who should get the Hepatitis B vaccine in Brighton?

All babies should get the hepatitis b vaccination. Other groups of people who might benefit from the vaccine include:

– Anyone who inject drugs
– People who have multiple sexual partners
– Gay men
– Babies of infected mothers
– Family members and sexual partners of hepatitis b patients
– Anyone who undergoes regular blood transfusions
– People with certain kinds of liver or chronic kidney conditions
– People travelling high-risk areas
– Both male and female sex workers
– People who come in constant contact with body fluids like blood, for instance, nurses, doctors and lab workers
– Prisoners
– People who have adopted children from hepatitis b high-risk areas

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