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Salmonella typhi causes Typhoid which is a bacterial condition. Although Salmonella typhi is not the same as the bacteria that cause salmonella food poisoning, they are still related. An individual gets typhoid disease when they eat contaminated food or water. Contamination usually happens through human faeces. To get full protection as you travel, get a Typhoid vaccine in Brighton today!


What are the common symptoms of Typhoid?

After eating contaminated food or water, the Salmonella typhi bacteria move into the digestive system and thereafter multiply rapidly.

The symptoms of the infection include; stomach/abdominal pain, diarrhoea, constipation, and high temperatures. Without treatment, the bacteria can enter the bloodstream and move to other parts of the body. As a result, the symptoms worsen.


Typhoid vaccine in Brighton

Typhoid Vaccine in Brighton

If you have plans of travelling to parts of the world where typhoid is prevalent, it’s important to get the typhoid vaccine.


Typhoid vaccine and high-risk areas

Typhoid is found everywhere in the world, however, it’s more widespread in areas where there is poor hygiene and sanitation.

These places include:

– Indian subcontinent
– South and Southeast Asia
– Africa
– South America

If you are either going for a long-stay vacation or working closely with the locals, ensure you get the vaccine.

A lot of people who contract typhoid in the UK get it while travelling to Pakistan, Bangladesh or India. It’s therefore vital to make sure that you get a typhoid vaccine before travelling or visiting these places.


Recommendations for travellers

No matter your vaccination status, it’s critical to take all measures to stay safe as you travel to a region where typhoid is widespread.

Some of these precautions include:

– Drinking either bottled or boiled water
– Avoiding taking ice cream and not using ice in your drinks
– Not consuming uncooked vegetables and fruits, unless you peeled them or already washed them in clean water
– Avoid eating seafood, for example, shellfish

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