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COVID-19 PCR Testing Brighton

Are you planning to travel abroad this summer? For a good number of countries, you may need to prove of negative Covid-19 test before being allowed to enter. This is especially if you are not fully vaccinated. The proof is in form of a document referred to as a Fit to Fly Certificate. Get in touch with Coldean Pharmacy today to get your PCR Testing Fit to Fly in Brighton.

But with many test providers providing a huge array of testing options, it can be confusing and stressful to work out when and where to do your tests before travelling. Coldean Pharmacy offers effective and reliable PCR Testing Fit to Fly test.


PCR Testing Fit to Fly in Brighton


What tests do I need to do to travel outside the country? (PCR Testing Fit to Fly in Brighton)

Travellers who are not yet vaccinated will basically need to show a negative test result from an antigen or a PCR test to travel outside the country. There are some cases, however, in which even travellers who are fully vaccinated will need to provide a negative result. It’s important to check the guidelines and requirements for the country you are travelling to.

A good number of destinations that need a Fit to Fly certificate will only allow PCR tests. Nevertheless, there are still exceptions. But if you are jetting off to a destination that needs a negative Covid-19 status, you will almost always need to show a PCR test.

It’s vital that you don’t confuse PCR tests with antibody blood tests, which only show if you’ve previously contracted Covid-19.


What is a Fit to Fly travel certificate?

A fit-to-fly certificate is generally a document stamped by an accredited clinic and signed by a qualified and registered doctor. The document indicates that your PCR Covid-19 test was negative and you didn’t have any symptoms at the time of travel. This basically means you are fit to fly.

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